Plant more Thyme

If you have some time to watch the documentary on happiness by Roko Belic… I recommend it. It’s called “Happy”, it’s about 90 minutes, available on Netflix, and it’s quite good. He has scientists that explain what happiness is, who has it, and how to get it…. good information, right?!?!

My very brief summary of his movie is that 50% of your happiness is inherited, you are either born happy, or not. (You know those people that have a great attitude no matter what happens… and those that are always grumpy, even when they don’t have to be…); and 10% is socioeconomic (you’d think it would be more, but we all know money can’t buy happiness); and the final 40% is how you choose to spend your time – work, hobby, family, altruism, spiritual pursuits, etc.

The fact that we have control over 40% is pretty good. We can choose happiness. We can create it. The question for me is always… do I have enough time?

I would love to have more time for more happiness. Right after dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, accounting, etc. After everything is done, then I can spend time in the garden, in my sewing studio, in the backyard with the dogs… it’s not about finding something that makes me happy, it’s about finding the time for it.

Obviously the answer is balance. Stop working with enough time left in the day to create happiness. Then again, I feel pretty lucky considering my work is the hobby that makes me happy. That wasn’t always true, but I heard someone say once, “If your life isn’t happy, then you’re not doing it right.”

My job and my life do make me happy, I just don’t always feel I have enough time to get everything done. I would have enough time in the day if I didn’t have to sleep.

Today I decided to finish my garden. I love nature. Love it!! When I was a kid my dream job was forest ranger. I was never one of those “ballerina” or “teacher” girls. I wanted animals, trees, plants and even bugs. Bees are my favorite.

I did down size my garden this year. We are going to be gone for 10 days and I am worried about someone else finding the time to properly dead head, water and weed.

I have a large strawberry patch (I’ve been eating about 20 strawberries ever morning for two weeks now), raspberries, an herb garden with catnip, herbs and teas and lots of flowers.


june 2011 084102

june 2011 087


So today I spent time in my beautiful garden.  I didn’t get any of the paperwork, patterns, emails or sewing done that I needed to, but I am indeed happy.

When I was done for the day I found in my long arm studio my thyme was dying…. it didn’t get enough attention. Irony? Clearly that will have to be my focus tomorrow.



So until next time… remember 40% of your happiness is based on how you choose to spend your time.  So turn off the TV, stop playing online poker and find something purposeful.