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Giving Hearts

A fun group of ladies meet every Wednesday morning from 9 – noon at the Lutheran Church in Quincy for fellowship, coffee and quilting.

This pleasant, joyful group of eight women make over 100 quilts/year for the Lutheran World Relief Organization. They also make a quilt for each graduating senior and new baby in their church. Amazing. Mostly because of the eight women, only two profess to be dedicated quilters. They simply enjoy friends, fellowship and the purposeful act of giving. They laugh, share stories, have coffee and sew.

IMG_1319[1]I was so overwhelmed this morning when I went to visit them. Jesse and Audrey have been inviting me to come for coffee for quite some time. This morning I showed up and brought with me a tub of fabric to donate to their cause, but to my surprise, they had a gift for me…. handmade quilts to take to Pateros High School for the fire relief effort.

Two members of the group read the Pateros update, shared it with the others, and they wanted to help. Not with just 10 quilts, not just 25. They donated 48 quilts!!! 48!! Three were baby quilts, the other 45 are all 60″ x 80″. Such an amazing gift. So very generous and selfless. I am so excited to take this labor of love to Pateros on Sunday.

As news continues to come in about the ravaged livestock, the unconscionable looting and the lack of food, I just feel so compelled to help them, and I am so proud to live in a community that shares the same concerns.

The events in Pateros, Malott and Brewster and the generous giving that has resulted reminds me of an old legend. Its about a man who stumbled upon a large brown barn after walking for days in a dark, overgrown forest. Seeking refuge from the cold night air he broke into the barn, only to discover that this was the barn where Satan kept his seeds to be sown into human hearts. Curious, he began to explore the bins of seeds and noticed the containers labeled “seeds of discouragement” far outnumbered any other type of seed. Just then one of Satan’s demons flew in to collect a fresh supply of seed. The man, unafraid, asked why there was such an abundance of discouragement seeds. The demon laughed and said, “Because they are so effective and take route so easily.” The man then asked, “So you have so many because they grow everywhere?” At this the demon became sullen. He glared at the man and declared in disgust, “No. They never seem to thrive in the heart of a grateful person.”

As we all give to those that have been struck by this tragedy, we can’t help but feel blessed with what we have, thankful that we have enough to spare, and hopeful that we can make a difference. We can show our neighbors we care, and thereby dispel discouragement.

I am so moved by the generosity shown today. Not just by this amazing group of women, but by Dan Catlin, who although quite ill, brought down a large load of items on the list, Vicki Brissey, just on her way back from vacation, swung by Costco for a case of handi wipes to drop off before going home, Mary Smouse, still recovering from surgery, brought in many items and just needed someone to help her unload it, and Jenn Tincher, whose two young boys are giving up toys, horse tack and a day of ‘playing’ to bake with mom.

Thank you all so much.

One final thought as we shop for items on “the list”:                              You can’t take your money with you, but you can send it on ahead.