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Snack Mat #3

This is “Boo-Anna”.  I just couldn’t resist. Mostly because I love the glow in the dark fabric (super fun) and we have some cute “scenic” halloween pieces.

The hardest part for me was to decide which fabric to use.  We have this Alexander Henry night time scene with spooky eyes in the trees…

IMG_1577[1]Or this Moda line called “Haunted Mansions”
IMG_1578[1]I cut out my little ghost to help me make the decision, then had to decide where in the ‘scene’ to place it. Once this decision was made, I went ahead and wrapped the piece of fabric around my 5″ x 7″ piece of craft-tex (fusible stiffy used for placemats) and ironed it in place (on the front, and the back).IMG_1579[1]Then flipped it over and fused little Boo-Anna into place, and stitched around her. You can use a satin stitch, blanket stitch or scribble stitch.IMG_1581[1]When you stitch through the fused piece and the craft tex, it is really nice. The craft tex adds just enough stability to prevent any puckering and it’s not so thick that you have any thread issues.

For the other snack mats, I did different finishes. Snack Mat #1 was craft tex with the back 1/2″ bigger all around to create a ‘border’. Snack Mat #2 used fusible batting and the same edge/border. But for this one, I thought I would show you another option. My front and back are the same size, they both have the fabric wrapped around the edge and fused down.IMG_1580[1]Of course I use my ever-popular binding clips to hold them together, and stitched around the edge, again, using my favorite stitch.IMG_1584[1]This is my back, I used the other haunted mansion on the fabric. I should mention one fat quarter was enough to make several of these, even with all of the fussy cutting.IMG_1586[1]I added a little embroidery floss bow to her hair, fused the mouth into place, and drew her eyes with a permanent fine tip fabric marker. I tried to get a picture of what the fabric looks like when it glows in the dark, but my camera didn’t like it in the dark bathroom.

Oliver didn’t like it either. He was a little freaked out when I shut the door and turned off the light. When I added the scary ghost sounds and the ghost levitated through the air all I could hear was banging, crashing and clawing at the door. So I’m not entirely certain he could give a good review of the super cool effect of a glow in the dark ghost. Maybe when he ventures out later he will feel more like talking to me.IMG_1573[1]Or maybe not.

If you pop into the shop this month you can see for yourself!
IMG_1585[1]Have fun! This is a fifteen minute project. Download your printable pattern for SnackMat #3 here .