Quick Coaster

Brianna and I are crazed with Seahawks obsession!

I am working on a cool purse from a t-shirt; and I’ve made a pillow,  a snack mat and a bunch of these super quick coasters. Brianna made a b-e-a-u-tiful coffee cozy with a free downloadable embroidery pattern that she digitized. You can find her post at beyondthe patches.wordpress.com. If I was a little more clever I could link it for you.So sorry.

It’s good to have lots of good options for fun hostess gifts if you’re watching the game at a friends house. You can take the Chicken Wing Dip, and a handmade Seahawk gift!!

So for these coasters, they seriously take just 5 – 10 minutes each. Crazy fast. You start with the round craftex coaster blanks. They come in a package of 6 for $5.49. They are made from craftex and fusible on both sides.

You will also need two 5″ squares of dark blue fabric and a tiny bit of Seahawk Green. I drew a simple 12 and reversed it. Trace the 12 onto fusible web and iron it onto the green. Cut the numbers out and set aside for a moment. IMG_1946[1]Now prepare the base. Just iron one of the blues on, and cut around the edge.IMG_1947[1]Iron the 12 in place, satin stitch around it. Iron the other piece of blue on the back then sitch around the outside edge. That’s it! Repeat for a few more!IMG_1948[1]

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