Snack Mat #6

So I thought a mug on my mug rug would be fun! I just couldn’t decide what my mug should look like…  First I drew a normal mugIMG_1933[1]I liked it and cleaned up the image a bit so I could add it to the pattern (at the bottom of the page), but I really wanted to do something less traditional so I drew an odd “spilling” mug.IMG_1934[1]You can make either one (or both), the best part is to choosing your mug color (I found some very cool fabric that I thought happened to be Seahawk colors…)IMG_1936[1]Trace the pattern pieces onto fusible web using the downloadable pattern, iron to the wrong side of the fabrics, then cut out on the line and position onto the background of choice. I prepare the background by fusing it and wrapping it around a 5″ x 7″ piece of craftex. You can use batting, timtex, or combinations.IMG_1939[1]Press well.IMG_1941[1]Now it’s ready to stitch. I really like scribble stitches, but for this one I decided to use the basic satin stitch. I begin by taking out my “stitch guide”, which is just a small piece of muslin that has the various measurements of my zigzag stitch in width and length.IMG_1942[1]I find this is a far better visual when I am trying to choose the size of my stitch. There is nothing worse than testing… testing… testing… wider… thicker…before you decide.

After I choose my thread and stitch around all of the edges with my 2.0w and .30 length, it is time to prepare the back (just like the front)IMG_1943[1]Just press and wrap around the edge, then layer the two so I can stitch them togetherIMG_1944[1]I added a satin stitch around the edge since the background was so light. And that was that! Pretty quick. I am making the traditional mug also, I am just waiting for Brianna to embroider “Go Hawks” on my fabric so it will look like I have a Seahawks mug on my mug rug! I can’t wait to set them all on the table next to the wings and nachos this Sunday!

Here is a downloadable pdf of the pattern: Snackmat #6 if you’d like it.