Snack Mat #5

This morning has been productive!! Finally!  I got quite a bit accomplished and I’m feeling like I may be caught up in a few short weeks! My sewing studio is a humongous disaster, because of course for some reason that’s how it goes, it just becomes a room filled with huge piles of pieces, but thats OK… I have a rake!

Speaking of rakes, I know leaves are an obvious choice for a November mug rug, but I just couldn’t resist. My friend Millie gave me a photocopy of a leaf from her yard that inspired her and of course it inspired me too, I even used the same batik fat quarters she used! I love the multicolored batiks with the interesting textures. This mug rug is just a mini quilt, super simple.

I started by tracing and cutting out my leaves so I would know how many I wanted to use.

cut leaves
Then I cut my background to 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 and placed my leaves where I wanted them. I started with two, then went to three.

IMG_1627[1]The “innards” I’m using this time is a piece of washed canvas. I had some left over when I replaced my long arm leaders. I washed it first, then pressed it. It’s very thick and I think it will work really well, it is crazy durable and seems to take quite a beating. I did test a piece for a few mornings in my office. I sat my hot cup on it and it protected my desk very well, it also worked with the condensation caused with my ice water. It should be golden when we add a few more pieces of cotton to it. I have been having fun using multiple different products in my mug rugs. So many customers want to “feel” what soft and stable, craft-tex, warm and natural, etc. feel like when they are quilted. It is nice to have our tiny little mug rug display so they can squoose them, fold them, and feel the difference.

So my next step was of course to stitch everything down. I assume at some point will decide to stitch something with some hand work or a different stitch… but not this time… I LOVE me some scribbles.IMG_1628[1]The hardest part was choosing a thread.IMG_1637[1]I of course chose the variegated 30 wt sulky. Selena Gomez says it best: The heart wants what the heart wants!!IMG_1630[1]I love it! Now time to trim. I want it 51/2 x 7 1/2″IMG_1632[1]I decided I wanted to add a piece of warm and natural just for loftiness and extra absorbancy. Also, I only had one piece of canvas in my sample instead of two… I am going to make a second one with two pieces. IMG_1631[1]

I layered my piece batting, then backing right side up, then mug rug right side down.IMG_1633[1]then stitched around all four sides, leaving a few inches open for turning. Finally I trimmed it one last time:IMG_1634[1]and turned the whole thing inside outIMG_1635[1]Final step is to hand stitch the opening closed. Boom! All done. The perfect tea for this mug rug would of course be “loose leaf”.

Get your pattern for  SnackMat #5IMG_1636[1]

Enjoy. Happy stitching!!!


2 thoughts on “Snack Mat #5”

  1. Lovely project. I noticed you used a free motion foot, but what was the stitching pattern you used? It looks very nice, but even when I enlarged the photo I wasn’t sure how you had accomplished it. Of course, that may have something to do with my free motion quilting skills. 🙂


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