Mug Rug/Snack Mat #2

I drew several options before settling on this little guy. I would hate to say that Halloween inspires me… but there are a lot of images that would be fun to do… I may post another one this month. After all this guy just took about an hour.

Start by selecting your fabrics.


You only need a background, a spider color and a backing. You will also need a few notions:

IMG_1529[1]I am using a 5″ x 7″ piece of fusible batting under my top layer, a 5 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ piece of soft and stable under my back layer and a frixion pen and a fabric glue. I also found a black poly thread and about 12 inches of black eyelash yarn.

First step is to trace the spider onto the background fabric using the frixion (iron off) pen. If you are having trouble seeing the image, use a light box or a window.IMG_1533[1]Then, using the traced image, stitch the legs using your stitch of choice. Some people will use a close zig zag stitch, I like the scribble stitch a little better. Stitch this with the fusible batting underneath. It offers stabilization of the fabric as well as a nice finish and extra absorbency for your mug rug.IMG_1534[1]Once thats done you can add the fused body

IMG_1535[1]I added a touch of glue IMG_1536[1]So I could add the eyelash yarn

IMG_1537[1]I stitched it down, still using my free motion stitch (the scribble stitch). It worked very well, but I had to trim the yarn just a little…. too much hair….

IMG_1539[1]Time to set the eyes… but these were not quite right.

Oliver thought he needed button eyes…


But boring me thought green eyes would be fine.IMG_1540[1]

I stitched the eyes down, adding stitching for the pupils,IMG_1543[1]

then turned it over to wrap the front around to the under side of the fusible web. IMG_1545[1]

mitering the corner to give it a sharp edge. After this was done on all four corners, flip it over, you are done with the top


The backing is a repeat of the last two steps, using the soft and stable and the backing fabric, fold the edges overIMG_1550[1]mitering all of the corners. Then layer the top onto the backIMG_1553[1]clip into place then stitch around the edge using your favorite stitch.

All done!!

Here is your printable Mug Rug #2 pattern. Remember to increase it to 140% for snack mat size. Happy Halloween!!