It has been almost two weeks since I’ve posted. That is so awful. I’m not sure what happens to my time… but it seems to just vanish!! I get so busy and for some reason the computer just makes me sleepy so I leave it until late at night… when I’m sleepy…. then I start typing something that looks like swahili …hfjwioe8oooooooooooo which is means it’s time for bed. At the moment it is 10pm… so hopefully I have an hour or two before I start to nod off.

This past two weeks we have had back to back retreat groups at our retreat house, I had a speaking engagement and class at a guild meeting in Bellevue, I had to get the samples and projects ready for the block-of-the-month open house and I have had to spend extra time in my office to prepare for an appointment with my accountant. Now I am behind with blog posts, video tutorials and long arming. And you should see my office and my sewing room… huge disasters!!

After all of these years, I should be better at time management, but it’s not like my job is always the same. I am always researching trends and new ideas, trying new techniques, adding new classes to our offerings, ordering new fabrics, patterns, notions and books, and of course all the while trying to keep the store clean, organized and interesting. On top of that, I have 40 hours per week of bookkeeping and accounting (my least favorite job). I am so thankful for Brianna. She takes care of the computer which is such a huge task. She keeps all of the newest lines online, takes care of the online orders, facebooks (that is a verb… right?) makes samples and helps me catch up with everything else.

I sometimes talk about retiring, but I can’t imagine not being a part of it. And shouldn’t I catch up before I quit? And then what would I do with all of my time? Besides, Brian has at least 10 years left before he can retire, so I suppose I should go just as long. For now I will just give Brianna a raise and get back to work.

I have three things to finish up tonight: prep for both tomorrow and Thursday classes; the first installment of my mystery quilt here on the blog; and gift bags for the next retreat.

I better hurry….can you say ‘sleepy’ in swahili?


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