Peaceful Retreat.

Well, we had an awesome time with Jordan and the rest of the family. It is always nice to get away, and we find our cabin particularly peaceful because we are totally “unplugged”. No internet, no cell phone service, no landline. It makes it really nice because you have to be ‘present’. No distractions. We have spent every Christmas up there for the past 19 years.

So whenever Jordan came home for a visit, we quickly took him up to Crawfish Lake Road so we could have him to ourselves. Of course it made sense to have his homecoming party there. We had about 30 people (and 12 dogs!) that stayed in the two cabins, one fifth wheel and two tents over the four day weekend. On the property we also have this terrific outdoor kitchen. It has a fireplace, picnic tables and benches, 5 propane burners, a BBQ and a countertop.

cabin 011

The meadow is about two acres and has a volleyball net, jungle gym, tether ball and horseshoes.IMG_2594And this is the main cabin

cabin 003It really is a beautiful place. We have been restoring the two cabins for 19 years and now we are just about done. Finally!

We went on several leisurely walks looking for wild flowers, but I found I was more attracted to texture than to color. I liked this interesting sap, but typically that much sap is in response to some sort of injury in the tree.

IMG_2568I really like all of the moss, lichen, and conks (tree fungus that looks like a mushroom) especially when it is all together on the same tree…

IMG_2571lichenOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe crusty lichen (above) and the bushy lichen (looks like moss) suggest low air pollution. The orange lichen is an indicator of dirty air (I didn’t find any).

I also found some local wildlife who paused to have their picture taken:


From right to left is Brianna holding her 6 month old rottweiler mix Benelli, her fiance Robert holding his blue heeler Rugar, Jordan with his Great Dane mix Tucker in front of him, and Brittany holding her daughter Eliza.

We had such a good time. So relaxing, great company, perfect weather. Then we had to come home…. when we reached cell service I had 22 missed calls, 14 voicemails and 203 new emails.   Ah, life.



5 thoughts on “Peaceful Retreat.”

  1. I agree with Judy, completely!! When I was a child we had a cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains…totally unplugged. Some of my favorite memories are from the time we spent up there. You are writing in the memory books of the hearts of everyone up there…what a blessing!


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