Well, I got it done. The newsletter has been planned, typed, proofread and sent. One would think that after 15 years of newsletters, it would get easier…. it doesn’t. I think I worry too much. “What do they want to do?” “Will they think this quilt is cute?” “Is this too easy?” “Is this too hard?” “Is a Friday afternoon a good time for this?”……

The other thing is I get a little crazy … maybe a lot crazy… because I get so excited about new classes. I want to make everything. I LOVE wool, I LOVE fusible applique. I LOVE interesting piecing. I LOVE quick pre-cuts, anything green, anything asymmetrical, and everything floral or Christmas (basically, I love it all). So when it comes time to pick new classes, it almost feels like I’m shopping… trying to decide what “I” want to work on for the next 4 months. And since I want to work on all of it, I try to pick a nice collection of classes that includes wool, easy, challenging, artsy, beginning, seasonal, and interesting… then I have to sit back and wait…. what will everyone pick as their favorite class (this is of course determined by number of sign-ups). Some fill up in one day, and every once in a while NO ONE signs up for a class – that always makes me sad.. because of course that means I don’t get to make that quilt…. yes, I know, I could still make it… after all there are 24 hours in a day, and I get 7 of those a week. But unfortunately I have a needy husband that thinks he should have meals and clean clothes… sheesh!

So, we’ll see. Our new class open house is in a few weeks, I’ll keep you posted, and show you progress on some of the projects we’ll be revealing.  Two of the things I am super excited about are the Sue Spargo class:SueSpargo_BirdsWhich is every single thing I love wrapped up in one class: fabulous asymmetrical background blocks, linens and lace, wool, hand embroidery, unusual graphics, well written pattern, bright colors…. just heaven.

One of my other favorites is this super cool perpetual calendar by SamSarah. It also has interest, color, simplicity… and it’s unusual.IMG_0916I wanted to do it as a block of the month, and at the moment that’s how I have it, but I’m fairly certain I will have to change that. Because what would we wait for? We need to do all of the numbers, all of the days, most of the chachka weather/seasonal images…. I think this one should be one long day… I’ll have to figure this one out before the open house. But it is so dang cute… I want to start using it!!

But for now, I am just so HAPPY to be done with the computer!! It takes forever to get that thing done. I have missed my sewing machine!! I am working on my second little snack mat/mug rug for a new feature on this blog… it is a “Monthly Mat” starting September 15th. I will have a post that includes the pdf pattern. The snack mat will be 8″ x 10″ (big enough for a lunch plate and a glass) and the mug rug will be 5″ x 7″ (perfect size for a mug and a cookie). I have had tons of fun drawing… now I get to sew them. They are a bit addicting because they are so fast. It’s rewarding to make a mini quilt in an evening.

My other new adventure (because 18 classes and a blog are not enough) is the video thing. Not my favorite. I do think it is a good idea, but I am so horrible at it. I like teaching, but the video is without people, so it doesn’t feel like teaching… it feels like someone is staring at me. Worse yet,  I get self conscious because Brianna giggles in the background, which jiggles the camera. What is she giggling at? My unmanicured fingers? My made-up words? My math under pressure? I really don’t know… probably don’t want to know… it would make me even more self-conscious. She laughs through the whole thing then at the end she just says “that was great”. Hmmmm.

We have tried a nice camera, an iPhone and a Go Pro. Oddly, the phone has the best picture. But sound is a bigger problem. I sound like I have a lisp…..

click to watch:  Magic Miter Tutorial

Since we have committed to at least two new tutorials per month, my friend Mike suggested I buy a mic. So we’ll see if that helps. And yes, I know… smile. I think I have been smiling in the others, but this last one… not so much. I was grumpy and apparently didn’t hide it very well. We had planned to do the video, so we did it, but it was two days after our flood at the shop. 600 bolts ruined. $83,000. The insurance is still undecided if they are going to cover it. Long story, really rotten, I’ll write about that when I have a happy ending, but for now, I want to do something fun. So I am going to clean my sewing room and get a snack mat done and a Sue Spargo background block stitched so I can work on a gorgeous red bird! Stitching therapy… how I need it!


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