Rainbow Garden #5

For those of you that have been doing our RainBow Garden Block-of-the-Month, it is time for Block #5, it went out in the mail today! Gardening and vacations will soon be done, so those of you that are still working on stitches and beading… no worries, you will have plenty of time to catch up (I am in the same boat!)

The kit has eight pieces of wool. We made the flower blue and I jotted a couple of notes on your pattern so you know what goes where. You will want to note that the center of the black piece is cut out for a second piece that gives it a layered look. The pattern is clear when you see that dotted line.

After tracing the pattern onto your freezer paper, you can iron your pattern pieces as shown. The excess on the green is because you will need to cut a 3/8″ strip (x6″) for the main stem. The other piece of darker green is for the little veins in the big leaves.IMG_1287[1]I used a pretty brown for the vase, and I tucked the black UNDER the vase so it looked like soil. That made more sense to me than a ‘rim’.

IMG_1386[1]Remember to find the center in your “on point” square. I set the two large leaves to touch right at that center point, so the stem goes on about 2″ above the center. I am going to trim my blue piece a little smaller so I can add some interesting stitching on the black. Also, I intentionally made my leaves asymmetrical. The pattern shows a very even, folk art look.

This block clearly has no stitches on it yet….. dang. I have several blocks now that need some attention. I have a few road trips in my future…. that may be my opportunity to get some stitching done.

In the meantime, Shelly, one of our local participants, has shared some of her recent blocks and her fabulous stitching. Enjoy!!Block1Block2.1IMG_2031 (1)


The beads make such a difference. And all of those french knots…. very nice!! I feel inspired enough to forgo evening deadheading and weeding…

Oliver… hand me my thimble… we’re spending an evening IN!!IMG_1141[1]


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