Day Wasters

Tomorrow is one of my very important ‘paper days’. I am supposed to file, write, pay, e-mail, photograph, and more. Yuck.

Generally this time of year any two hour project takes at least four hours. I’m not too interested in tv…I never shop… I am horrible at facebooking… but I LOVE nature. All of it. Birds, bees, bugs, flowers,  vegetables, trees. The smell of mown grass and freshly cut hay. The sound of mourning doves. Mmmmmm.

This is my cat Oliver. He is also a day waster. He is my partner in crime… loves to watch the birds… but from afar. We have two bird baths and three feeders. He is slightly afraid of them and is a sworn vegetarian. He will go out and play in the garden with me, but he has no interest in staying outside alone.


He has been watching the swallow’s nest near the back door. They can sometimes be irritating because they ‘dive-bomb’ anyone that gets near the nest. But this particular pair have very been pleasant to us, so they have been allowed to stay for the season (yes, I know it will be a battle next year).

They have been fun to watch. The male bird was very attentive to the little Mrs. while she stayed on the eggs. He would bring her butterflies to eat. It’s funny that I hate ‘surfing the net’, I don’t care for ‘you-tube’ antics, but I can watch a pair of birds out my kitchen window uninterrupted for 30 minutes. Always the 30 minutes that was previously allotted for filing… or pattern writing… or paying bills… just the thought of it makes me want to watch for another 30 minutes!!

This picture is of the two babies. They were getting braver….


Finally… they ventured out of the nest. Not too far. Mom and Dad tried coaxing them to the fence beyond, but they were nervous, and totally freaked out by a hummingbird…IMG_1292[1]IMG_1184[1]They had clearly never seen anything so fabulous. The little hummingbird acted like it didn’t even notice the two little birds. Flitting around them… showing off with such agility (this was worth at least 45 minutes….)

I just love this time of year. Birds, babies, tomatoes, flowers…. such a happy time. If my bones were not 50 years old and pathetic I could live in a tent.

Which is why I have such a long list on my bulletin board and such a huge pile on my desk. I have to film two tutorials, finish the fall newsletter, package the retreat patterns, finish the guild bags, finish three shop samples, quilt two customer quilts, order and kit the new fall BOM’s, finish my homework for three classes next week and the three classes the week after….


But first, lets pause for a commercial from mother nature….

Raspberries in the foreground, strawberries in the back.



A morning harvest…




Can you hear them?? (I love bees!!)IMG_1162[1]



And for those of you that wonder…


OK. Off to work I go. It was fun sharing. But by the way… our little mama bird has a new set of eggs in her nest! I’m so excited!!

I see more missed deadlines in my future….




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