So sorry… I have lost some momentum with my blog.

The last time I wrote we were busy with the Pateros Fire relief effort. The fire is still burning, although it is now 90% contained. It is the largest fire in Washington State history, burning over 400 square miles, through six towns. Over 300 homes were lost, as well as orchards, fields, livestock and their grazing land. The economy will be changed in those communities for a very, very long time. Tonight we are in the throes of a thunderstorm and they are dealing with flash floods down their ravaged hillsides. We are waiting to hear how things are going up there.

On a positive side, a local businessman bought an old store and donated it to the community for a permanent food bank, and an orchardist gave an empty warehouse for a distribution center for clothing, household items, furniture, etc. They have stopped collecting donations until everything can be moved.

We have taken four trailer loads of food, clothing and household goods, as well as a total of 74 quilts. Then two weeks ago we took MASSIVE baked goods to the firemen at their base camp in Okanogan.


This is the back of my car. The seats were down so the baked goods took up the entire SUV. And that was only half! The other half went to Pateros. When Thelma and I took the cookies, it was heartwarming to see the young firefighters that helped us unload RUN to their tents with bags of goodies. They couldn’t wait to stash their cookies, brownies, zucchini bread and treats. So fun!!

All of us at the shop (employees and customers) felt compelled to help the burned communities just North of us. At the moment, things seem to be stable, but we will continue to monitor on their facebook page Рtaking up more donations as soon as they have the need.

I am going back to blogging about designing, quilting and stitching. I have missed it. But it’s funny that when there is a tragedy of such massive proportions, it seemed so frivolous to think about blue thread… or purse patterns. It just seemed wrong.

Now it’s time to get back to work….. stay tuned… fun things planned!




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