Rainbow Garden Block #2

This is our second Rainbow Garden Block. I thought I would post a few quick pictures for those of you that are doing the block at home. We mailed the kits out last week so you should have yours by now if you are doing this block of the month with us. I don’t have many stitches on mine yet, but at least you can see how it goes together.


As with the first block, I trace the pattern pieces onto freezer paper then iron them to the wool.  I cut everything out using my teflon Karen K Buckley scissors, and layer the pieces on my cotton backing that has been cut to 13″ x 13″.


Start with the petals and stems.


Then the center.



IMG_0615[1]Then the accent.

For the next step, I took a little creative license. I think the pattern called for another oval then a little circle, but I thought that looked like an eyeball. So I left the little circles off. I thought it would be a good place for some beads and french knots!

Last step is to add the leaves, then have fun stitching things down! Next block will be on it’s way in just 3 weeks!

Rainbow Garden Block #2
Rainbow Garden Block #2