Wool Flower Pincushion




This sweet little wool flower pincushion was our featured “Pincushion-of-the-Month” for our last class. We typically have seasonal pincushions (Christmas trees, bunnies, pumpkins, etc) and now that we are finally having some nice weather, I wanted to do something with flowers!

This pattern is pretty simple, we have a free template for you at the bottom of the post. It is a simple pdf file you can download, print off, and use to make your own Spring Pincushion! We also have a few kits available on our website for just $8.99. The kit includes the linen fabric for the top and bottom (in lime green or red), the template for the flowers and all of the wool to make your bundle of fresh flowers. We don’t often offer the pincushion club pattern/kits to those not in the class, but we had a little too much fun with this one. And since it was my drawing, I can give it away if I want!

The kits will come like this…. with lime green or red linen.


So let’s get started!! It was pretty simple to make.

I started with two pieces of linen, 4” x 10”.



This is Moda’s linen, it retails for only $12.99                                                                                  and comes in quite a few fabulous colors.

Next, take the  drawings and trace about 15 flowers onto freezer paper, all varied sizes (there are four flowers and a leaf on the template).  To use freezer paper with wool applique  you put the plastic side down and trace onto the paper side, then rough cut around them before positioning them on the color of felt you would like to use.

Then take them to the iron and iron the freezer paper to the wool.  The purpose of the freezer paper is of course to make a cutting template, but it will also stabilize the wool while you cut it.


I always use Karen K Buckley’s Teflon scissors when I cut wool. The blades have a nice serrated edge that prevents that occasional “slipping” you might feel with regular scissors. If you can’t find these in your local shop, we sell them for $19. They are a must have for all of our wool classes


After you have cut out all of your flowers, just throw the left over stack away. In theory you can use the iron on templates up to three times, but I find with wool, you really want the stabilization of the cutting line, So I don’t often reuse them.


  The next part is the BEST PART!!! Flower arranging!

Just layer your flowers, grouping colors and shapes, beads and maybe some french knots. You will want to stay at least 1/2″ away from the edge so that the flowers don’t get caught in the seam.

Then layer the other piece of linen on top, right sides together, and sew around the edge, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave an opening for turning and filling.


Next comes the four box bottoms. Pretty simple. You just line up the seams, making a point, measure in 1/2 inch and sew across, then clip off the tip.


When you have done all four corners, turn your pincushion right sides out. Carefully.

image (1)

Final part… the stuffing. I poured in about a cup of walnut shells (my favorite pincushion filling), then I topped it off with a tiny pit of poly fiberfill. I do that so I can stitch it closed without the walnut shells falling out!

image (3)


This was our class making their pincushions…..

And these were their finished tops!!

Have fun making your own spring pincushion!! 

CLICK HERE to get your PDF flower template






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