Late Night of Machine Quilting

Even though every spare moment is filled, I find I am not half as stressed as when I was working in medicine. And although I am often running behind with my projects… there is a tiny bit of joy in the fact that it is my job to quilt. Tonight I worked on an upcoming class, spent some time planning the quilts for the new Retreat House (soooo exciting!), and now I have to finish a customers quilt.

I love to longarm. I have been machine quilting for 16  years. I started on a Gammil Optima, but now I have an Innova, in fact I have the first Innova. My serial number 001 (there is a 2007 in front of it). I bought his first machine and I was his first dealer. To date, we have sold 372 machines. I’m not sure if that sounds like a lot or not. It seems like a lot…. it was a lot of 2 day owner classes! IMG_0542At home, I have Jordan’s old bedroom converted into “Pinky’s” room. Interesting fact… the Innova was first called the Pinky, and it only came in 18″ pink. The name was changed to Innova the second year, and the 26″ was added in the nice “champagne” color we know today. The 22′ model didn’t come until a few years later and it is now our top selling model.

The quilt I am working on as a lovely “Raining Cats and Dogs” pattern by Bunny Hill. We did this as a block-of-the-month and just finished up in February. IMG_0546


I love mixed daisies.


Really fun quilt. Many opportunities to add filler after outlining with the ruler. There are lots of starts, stops and knots, but I always hide those in the seams so they’re not noticeable.

All done. This quilt is all finished up. I thought I would share these few pictures, but at the moment I don’t have a great way to hang up a quilt and take a better picture. I will figure something out before tomorrow night.

In the meantime, before it is too late, I still have to complete quarterly taxes, check e-mails and write the pattern and sales sheet for tomorrows class.

But as I said before, no stress, just a lack of time.I love my job, I just wish I had 48 hour days!